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Schoolteacher and Minister Deliver Icebreaker Speeches at AST

Schoolteacher and High Priest Deliver Icebreakers

Listening in on icebreaker speeches is always exciting because I get a chance to delve in the speaker’s mind and learn something about him, his origin, his journey, and his destination.

This week’s Icebreaker speeches are no different where we had a school teacher and an aspiring minister dishing out a brief history of their lives.

AST member to lead Area 73 Toastmasters in the 2017-2018 term

Dallas’ Topgolf employee to be area director for Toastmasters

AST member to lead Area 73 Toastmasters in the 2017-2018 term

A Toastmasters member with Addison Singles Toastmasters has been elected the director of Area 73.

Stephanie Wolters, an employee with Dallas-based Topgolf​, doesn’t know the meaning of failure. She started off as a humble new member with Addison Singles Toastmasters several years ago. #AST9872 #AddisonSinglesToastmasters

AST officers elected for July-December 2017

New AST officers for July-December 2017

The votes are in! The following incumbents will serve as officers for the July-December 2017 term at #AddisonSinglesToastmasters:

President; Terri Sitrin
VP of Education; Ricardo Soto
VP of Membership; Prakash Tuladhar
VP of Pubic Relations; Melva Lucy Quiñones Roldan
Secretary/Treasurer; Maxine Fleming
Sergeant-at-Arms; Steve Hollingsworth


2017 Sparkling Pixel Award given to Addison Singles Toastmasters

Dallas Toastmasters club received the prestigious Sparkling Pixel Award

Visibility of a business is just as important as visibility for any Toastmasters club. In the age of technology, if a business is not found on the internet, that business will not survive. Similarly, a Toastmasters club that cannot be found on the web will not be well known nor will it thrive. #AST9872 #AddisonSinglesToastmasters

AST member George Chung graduates with his CC

With English as his second language, he became a Competent Communicator champion.

It was only 10 months ago when newcomer George Chung signed up to become a member of #AddisonSinglesToastmasters. #AST9872

Mr. Chung hails from Taiwan and immigrated 4 years ago to the United States. Learning English was no roadblock for him. It was only stepping stone to the higher echelon of communications enlightenment.

Addison Singles Toastmasters ALB holder to get her ACB

Toastmasters ALB recipient to receive her ACB

An Addison Singles Toastmasters member is going to receive her Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB) award. #AST9872 #AddisonSinglesToastmasters

It wasn’t too long ago that Terri Sitrin captured second place in the Area 73 International Speech contest on April Fool’s Day 2017.

Shortly thereafter, she also went on to receive her Advanced Leadership Bronze (ALB) award.

Star Trek’s George Takei to celebrate his 80th birthday | Dallas, TX

George Takei to celebrate his 80th birthday

George Takei is the man who portrayed the iconic role of Hikaru Sulu in the 60’s TV show Star Trek. His character worked as the helmsman aboard the USS Enterprise. #AST9872 #AddisonSinglesToastmasters

Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek‘s founder, envisioned a futuristic TV show where its characters lived and worked in harmony. It was only in the future that prejudice among Whites, Africans, and Asians no longer existed. However, that prejudice was redirected toward extra-terrestrial aliens such as Vulcans, Romulans, and Klingons.

AST member to receive his AX award | Dallas, TX

AST member to receive his AX award

Please congratulate Chris Baken​ on receiving his Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS (pronounced ‘ax’) ) award this week. #AST9872 #AddisonSinglesToastmasters

Mr. Baken is a 7-year veteran of Addison Singles Toastmasters. Recently, he completed a milestone speech that allowed him to achieve ACS status.

Think of ACS as another black belt degree in speech where he successfully carved his way through another echelon of enlightenment.

Cincinnati Hillbilly confronts a Toastmaster on a streetcar | Dallas, TX

Cincinnati Hillbilly confronts a Toastmaster

As a Toastmaster, I always try to keep an open line of communication with anybody I encounter. After all, Toastmasters has taught me to be a better communicator. #AST9872 #AddisonSinglesToastmasters

However, after a 6-year absence from my hometown, I’ve noticed that some things will never change such as the ignorant mentality of the Hillbillies of the Cincinnati/Tristate area. These people are a cross between the Clampetts and the Dukes rolled into one.

Toastmaster’s top 10 things about Hillbillies you should know | Dallas, TX

My trip to Cincinnati after 6 years

As a Toastmasters member, I always try to keep an open line of communication with anybody I encounter. After all, that is what Toastmasters has taught me… be a better communicator.

After my most recent trip to Cincinnati, some things have never changed such as the ignorant mentality of the hillbilly culture of the Tristate. #AST972 #AddisonSinglesToastmasters

Therefore, here are my top 10 things that tell you when you’re dealing with a #Hillbilly.