FOUNTAIN VALLEY, California–A homeowner faces controversy as her house proudly displays her annual Christmas lights amounting to more than 65,000 lights in 2012.

Janet C Stewart pays tribute not only to Christmas but also to her late husband Larry Ray Stewart who loved Christmas so much that they made it an effort to share their well-decorated home to sightseers annually.

Their house draws more traffic every year and even a tour bus dedicated to shuttling people to this site strictly for this Vegas-style light show. Neighbors, such as Joseph Flanagan, have protested the light scene and the crowd of people and even had local police issue a citation to Stewart for a noise violation.

Damion Rodriguez of Holiday Express, a Christmas light choreography company, is the man behind the technology of the dancing lights. He can control every aspect of the light show from his Iphone.

If you are in the Orange County, California area and want to check out this Christmas light display, go visit 18323 Stanislaus St in Fountain Valley. If you want to hire Holiday Express and Damion Rodriguez to decorate your home, you can reach him at

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